Gum Disease – What it can actually do to your teeth

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Gums are the supporting soft tissues that surround your teeth at the neck. They form a tight seal against food debris and protect the supporting structure and the roots of your teeth. When the gums are infected, there is loss of valuable gum tissues which over a long-term can lead to tooth loss. This is one of the major reasons why gum disease should be controlled and cured when in the initial stages. Laser dental care is one of the treatments we offer at our Honolulu office. The treatment helps us make changes to the gum tissues and kill the infected ones. The gum pockets can be cleared and we can re-establish bond between teeth surface and gum tissues.

Gum Disease – What can it actually do to your teeth and oral health?

The first stage of gum disease is called the gingivitis. In this stage there is no loss of gum tissues. There may be reddening of the gums and swelling. Patients may notice bad breath and there may be bleeding when brushing teeth or flossing. Since there may be no pain evident, the infection may go unnoticed. In the second stage of the infection, which is the periodontitis, there is loss of gum tissues. The bond between teeth surface and gums breaks and gum pockets are formed. The gums start to recede, making the teeth look longer. The real problem for teeth starts when the bacterial infection goes deeper towards teeth roots and leads to loss of supporting bone structure. This causes the teeth to loosen and fall out eventually. Scientists have also discovered links between the infection of the gums and heart attacks and dementia. Gum disease is also known to lead to premature delivery in pregnant women.

It is important for patients to visit a dental office at least once in 6 months to prevent dental infection. When your teeth and gums are healthy you have the freedom to eat your favorite food. At our office, Kahala Dentist Dr. Teramoto makes use of the most advanced dental techniques to treat dental problems. Our laser dentistry procedures can help cure gum disease in a painless way. The recovery time is low for laser dental treatment performed at our Honolulu office. Call us to make an appointment.

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