Pain-Free Dental Treatment with Laser Dentistry in Honolulu

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Laser Dentistry is an advanced dental technology which has been in use in the field of dentistry for over two decades. The technology makes use of narrow beam of light which transmits sufficient energy to bring about changes in the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Ever since the introduction of laser technology in dentistry, family dentist, periodontists and cosmetic dentists have been using the technique extensively to enhance the effectiveness of their treatment process. At our dental clinic our dentist Dr. Teramoto performs a wide-range of dental treatments using the laser technology. The technology is successful in reducing the pain the patient has to go through during dental treatment, reduces treatment time and healing time. The accuracy of dental treatment has increased thanks to laser dentistry technique. Make an appointment and meet our dental professional to experience the great benefits of laser dental care in Honolulu.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Honolulu

Though traditional methods of treatment continue to be followed in the United States, it is estimated that a larger number of dental professionals are increasingly using laser technology in routine dental care. The technology finds great benefits especially in soft tissue repair and treatment. Laser dentistry is used for gum care, tooth decay treatment and soft tissue repair. Following are some of the notable benefits of laser treatment.

  • The process is quick
  • The healing time is low since there is less injury caused to the soft tissues
  • The treatment is accurate since the dentist has control over the energy generated from the laser and can choose a precise area for treatment
  • The treatment can be painless since there is no bleeding involved
  • Laser is known to be a wonderful anti-bacterial agent

The benefits mentioned above make laser a wonderful tool for treating a wide-range of soft and hard tissue dental problems. The skills and knowledge of the dental professional play a vital role in the success of the treatment.

Laser Dentistry Applications at Honolulu Office

Lasers are used for a number of applications in our Honolulu office. Gum disease treatment, tooth decay treatment, soft lesion treatment are commonly performed using laser technology.

The gum disease treatment using laser dentistry is one of the major procedures performed at our office. Our dentist treats infected tissues, reshapes the gum-line and brings about esthetic changes in the smile through laser technology. The laser is a wonderful tool in selectively repairing the diseased tissues and killing those which cannot be repaired. There is no bleeding involved in laser gum disease treatment and the procedure is painless. Once the treatment is complete, our dentist recommends aftercare to ensure quick recovery.

Lasers have also been used to decayed tooth. The tool helps in killing bacteria from the infected portion of the tooth with great precision. The tool is not noisy and is effective in treating tooth decay.

FAQs - Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is exactly what its name suggests. It uses lasers during the dental work procedures or treatments.

Do dental lasers reduce discomfort after a procedure?

Yes! Patients undergoing procedures using dental lasers often experience a lesser discomfort, swelling and bleeding. Dental Laser also kills bacteria, which decreases the risk of infection after a procedure.

Some benefits of Laser Dentistry

  1. A decrease in post operation sensitivity.
  2. Minimal bleeding
  3. Patients undergo less or no pain during the procedure
  4. Less chance of infection

How is Laser different from the drill?

A dental laser is more efficient and faster than a drill. The patient experiences less discomfort, bacteria levels are reduced, less damage of healthy tissue occurs and often times, no anesthesia is required laser dental procedures are safer and require decreased healing time in comparison to drill.

How will I know if I can get laser dentistry?

It’s true that not everyone will have a condition conducive to laser dentistry. But most people can. Of course, the only way to know is to talk with your doctor.

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