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CEREC Technology at Lance I Teramoto DDS, Inc.

Same Day Cerec Crowns in Honolulu Hawaii

Toothache can be one of the most disturbing things that can put you off from your daily routine. It may become difficult for you to concentrate at work when you are suffering from tooth pain. Patients who visit our dental office with a broken tooth or with toothache undergo comprehensive dental checkup. The issues are addressed based on the cause and extent of the problem. CEREC is one of the most advanced technologies that we have at our dental practice. The technology helps us quickly restore your tooth and bring back a healthy smile in you. The fact that the patient may not have to visit our dental office more than once to get the tooth restored makes dental restoration with one-day crown in Honolulu, Hawaii a delightful experience. Make an appointment and visit our dental office to know more about the treatment and recovery.

When is a dental crown needed?

When a tooth is decayed or damaged to an extent where it is weak and requires external aid to stay protected, a dental crown comes into picture. Dr. Lance Teramoto recommends the use of a dental crown when he finds out that the tooth can no longer sustain on its own. There are several instances where this may be the case.

Our general dentist performs a thorough check of the tooth to identify the status of pulp and gauge tooth strength. It is one of the final lines of defense to protect the tooth and prevent it from falling out. The best part of getting a tooth restored at our dental office is that it requires a single dental visit. The restoration process can be completed in a matter of few hours.

How is CEREC different from a traditional dental crown?

Traditionally dental crowns are fabricated in lab based on the inputs from the dental practice. Impressions of teeth are taken in order to get the dental crown fabricated. The accuracy of the tooth crown depends on how well the communication between dentist and lab occurs. CEREC technology changed the course of tooth restoration procedure by introducing one-day dental crown. It is an advanced system which integrates computer and a milling system. The computer is fed with digital inputs of the tooth shape. The milling equipment fabricates crowns to high-accuracy. The entire process can be complete in a matter of few hours. Since CEREC Omnicam is used to take pictures of the tooth and create a digital model using the pictures, there is no need for physical impressions to be taken.

CEREC Same-day Crown Restoration Procedure

The first and foremost step is to check the status of the tooth and remove the infected part. The cavity is filled using suitable restorative materials and images of the tooth are taken using CEREC camera. The images create a 3D model of the tooth. The second step is to prepare the tooth. This is done in order to create space for the placement of the crown. After tooth preparation, once again digital impressions are taken and a 3D model of the crown is created. The digital input is then fed to CEREC milling equipment where the crown gets fabricated in a matter of few minutes. Our dental team performs final finishing of the crown and checks for confirmation of fit. The crown is fixed over tooth once the fit is confirmed.

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