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Sleep is very essential for healthy living. When you sleep your body repairs tissues and muscles and restores dead cells. Your brain toxins may be released and you wake up more energy. A person who fails to get sufficient sleep becomes a victim of several health issues. Among the few disorders that are troubling Americans, sleep apnea is on the forefront and US public health organizations are concerned about this disorder. It is a disorder which causes breathing pauses when the patient is asleep. The patient is forced to wakeup frequently and he/she fails to get sufficient sleep. If you or any of your family members have headache when you wake up morning, daytime drowsiness, find it difficult to concentrate on daily activities, make an appointment and visit our dental office at the earliest. Our sleep apnea consultation and treatment in Honolulu, Hawaii can help patients get better sleep.

Sleep apnea – How it affects health?

Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders in the United States. Few of the risk factors of this disorder are obesity, alcoholism, smoking, diabetes and having a large neck. The condition is characterized by breathing pauses during sleep. The soft tissues at the back of the throat of the patient collapse and block the airway. Partial closure of airway results in loud snoring. When the soft tissues completely close the airway, there is breathing pause. The blood oxygen level diminishes and the brain sends signals to the muscles, waking the patient up to open the airway. This cycle repeats several times during sleep. As a result, the patient does not get sufficient sleep.

  • Due to variation in blood oxygen level there is more stress on the heart. This increases the risk of heart attack.
  • There is increased blood pressure.
  • There is higher risk of stroke in patients who are suffering from sleep apnea.
  • Sleep deprivation may increase the risk of accidents.
  • Sleep deprivation may make it difficult to concentrate on daily activities.
  • Sleep apnea patients can get into depression.

Sleep apnea – Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing sleep apnea is quite challenging since the characteristics of the problem are evident when the patient is asleep. Bedtime partners of the patient can help our dentist by speaking about the sleeping nature of the patient. Patients may also be referred to sleep test centers for examination. On confirmation of the disorder a treatment is recommended based on the degree of the problem and the preferences of the patient. There are oral appliances which are designed to keep the lower jaw forward so that the airway is open. This can help patients get better sleep. Another method which may be recommended is the CPAP. In this case there is a mask which supplies air. The patient should wear it when he/she goes to sleep. The air is supplied at such a rate where it can keep the airway open.

FAQs - Sleep Dentistry

Is snoring normal?

Most people snore to some extent. If snoring gets to the point where it becomes extremely loud and bothersome to others or is accompanied with interrupted breathing, then this degree of snoring is not considered normal.

Is snore am I suffering from Sleep Apnea?

No, not necessarily but very loud, consistent snoring with brief periods of silence is usually an indication of sleep apnea and should be investigated.

What are the risk factors for Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is often seen in men and generally in the 35- to 65-year-old age group. Obesity and excessive alcohol use can also be a factor for sleep apnea.

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